IBM ThinkPad T42 Series Battery - cheap replacement IBM Laptop Battery (Notebook Battery) for IBM ThinkPad T42 Series (Li-ion 10.8V 6000mAh), all replacement IBM ThinkPad T42 Series Laptop Batteries and battery packs are 3 Years Warranty!

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AU Replacement IBM ThinkPad T42 Series Laptop Battery

ThinkPad T42 Series laptop battery, IBM  ThinkPad T42 Series Notebook BatteriesThinkPad T42 Series Laptop Battery
3 Years Warranty
30 Days Money Back

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Battery Number: AU-BATIBNN2W3B4461
ThinkPad T42 Series Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
ThinkPad T42 Series Battery Voltage: 10.8V
ThinkPad T42 Series Battery Weight: 455g
ThinkPad T42 Series Battery Dimension: 225.70x80.21x20.30mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Warranty: 3 Years Warranty
Original price: AU$ 168.71
Special price: AU$ 136.23

Receive this item in 3-10 days
(Shipping cost AU$ 5.98 in Australia)

Shipping Information

This IBM ThinkPad T42 Series Laptop Battery(Notebook Battery) is 3 year warranty and 30 days money back,, it will be shiped from our Australia international stores at the same day if order before PM 15:00.

This ThinkPad T42 Series Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:
FRU 08K8193, 92P1060, FRU 08K8198, ASM 08K8198, ASM 92P1076, 92P1089, ASM 08K8192, 92P1101, 92P1071, FRU 92P1073, FRU 08K8214, 92P1013, FRU 08K8195, ASM 08K8197, FRU 92P1077, 92P1087, FRU 08K8201, 92P1061, FRU 92P1069, ASM 08K8199, 92P1011, 92P1091, ASM 08K8196, 92P1102, 92P1075,

This ThinkPad T42 Series Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:
ThinkPad R51e-1863ThinkPad R52 1870, ThinkPad R51 Series, ThinkPad R50E-1842, ThinkPad R52-1846, ThinkPad T40-2373, ThinkPad R50e-1846, ThinkPad R50e-1862, ThinkPad R51e-1848, ThinkPad R52 1850, ThinkPad T43 Series, ThinkPad R50-1829, ThinkPad R51-2887, ThinkPad R52-1859, ThinkPad T43P-2668, ThinkPad R50e-1858, ThinkPad R51e-1845, ThinkPad R51e-1860, ThinkPad R52 1843, ThinkPad R50 Series, ThinkPad T41 Series, ThinkPad R51-1831, ThinkPad R52-1848, ThinkPad T40P, ThinkPad R50e-1848, ThinkPad R50e-1870, ThinkPad R51e-1850, ThinkPad R51e-1862, ThinkPad R52 1863, ThinkPad R50P, ThinkPad R50E-1834, ThinkPad R51-2889, ThinkPad R52-1861, ThinkPad R50e-1845, ThinkPad R50e-1860, ThinkPad R51e-1847, ThinkPad R52 1845, ThinkPad T42 SeriesThinkPad T43P, ThinkPad R51-2883, ThinkPad R52-1858, ThinkPad T43-1876, ThinkPad R50e-1850, ThinkPad R51e-1842, ThinkPad R51e-1859, ThinkPad R51e-1870, ThinkPad R52 Series, ThinkPad R51-1830, ThinkPad R52-1847, ThinkPad T40-2374, ThinkPad R50e-1847, ThinkPad R50e-1863, ThinkPad R51e-1849, ThinkPad R52 1862, ThinkPad R50E, ThinkPad R50-1830, ThinkPad R51-2888, ThinkPad R52-1860, ThinkPad R50e-1844, ThinkPad R50e-1859, ThinkPad R51e-1846, ThinkPad R51e-1861, ThinkPad R52 1844, ThinkPad T40 Series, ThinkPad T41P, ThinkPad R51-1836, ThinkPad R52-1849, ThinkPad T42P, ThinkPad R50e-1849, ThinkPad R51e-1834, ThinkPad R51e-1858,