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CANON Battery Charger suitable for NB-2L
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Cheap NB-2L - Battery Charger for CANON NB-2L

CANON  NB-2L power charger supplier
Charger Number: AU-CHRACC78N3N4R5K
NB-2L Charger Voltage: Input:110V - 240V
NB-2L Charger Weight: 180g
NB-2L Charger Dimension: 80.25x49.30x45.86mm
Charger Style

Original price: AU$ 19.72
Special price: AU$ 15.92

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Shipping Information

Input: 100-240AC
Output: DC 4.2V/8.4VAU Cheapest CANON NB-2L Battery Charger connect line

This NB-2L Battery Charger can replace the following part numbers:

This NB-2L Battery Charger is also compatible with the following models:
Elura 60IXY DV5, MV850i, MVX300, PowerShot S60, EOS Digital Rebel XT, IXY DVM3, MV901, MVX25i, ZR100, DC330, MD255, iVIS HV30, MD111, PC1018, Elura 90, MV800, MVX35i, PowerShot S40, ZR400, FVM200, MV880Xi, MV960, Optura 50, ZR830, ZR900, HV30, MD100, Elura 70, MV5i, MVX200, MVX350i, PowerShot S80, FV500, MD140, MV930, Optura 30, ZR600, DC310, MD245, DC301, MD150, Elura 50, IXY DV3, MV830i, MVX45i, PowerShot S50, EOS 400D, HV20, MV900, MVX250i, Optura 60, VIXIA HV30, MD235, iVIS HG10, MD110, Elura 85, MV6iMC, MVX30i, PowerShot S30, ZR300, FVM20, MV800i, MV950, Optura 400, ZR800, ZR930, HG10, EOS Kiss Digital X, PowerShot G9, Elura 65, MV5, MV880X, MVX330i, PowerShot S70, EOS Kiss Digital N, MD120, MV920, MVX40i, ZR500, DC320, MD225, VIXIA HG10, MD130, Elura 40MC, EOS 350D, MV830, MVX40, PowerShot S45, Digital Rebel XTi, FVM30, MV890, MVX20i, Optura 500, ZR850, MD215, iVIS DC300, MD101, Elura 80, MV5iMC, MVX200i, PowerShot G7, ZR200, FVM100, MD160, MV940, Optura 40, ZR700, ZR950, MD265, EOS Digital Rebel XTi, MV790,

CANON NB-2L Camcorder BatteryReplacement Camcorder Battery for CANON NB-2L Li-ion 1500mAh 7.4V

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