UCX40Hi Camcorder Battery - new and cheap replacement CANON Camcorder Battery (Video Camera Battery) for CANON UCX40Hi (Li-ion 7.2V 4000mAh), all replacement CANON UCX40Hi Camcorder Batteries and battery packs are high quality, 1 Year Warranty!

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Replacement Camcorder Battery for UCX40Hi
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CANON UCX40Hi replacement Camcorder Battery (Video Camera Battery) High quality and cheap

CANON  UCX40Hi Camcorder Battery, Batteries
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Battery Number: AU-BATCNVN2N34
UCX40Hi Battery Type: Li-ion
UCX40Hi Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Battery Voltage: 7.2V
Battery Weight: 290g
Battery Dimension: 70.80x38.55x39.20mm
Original price: AU$ 19.96
Special price: AU$ 16.12

Receive this item in 3-10 days
(Shipping cost AU$ 5.98 in Australia)

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This UCX40Hi Camcorder Battery can replace the following part numbers:
BP-930E, BP-911, BP-930, BP-915, BP-911K, BP-927, BP-930R, BP-914, BP-941, BP-924,

This UCX40Hi Camcorder Battery can replace the following part numbers:
ES6000, G10Hi, UCV100, UCX30Hi, V40Hi, E30, UCV10, UC-X55, DM-MV1, ES8100V, MV10, UCX1Hi, Ultura, C2, ES75, Optura Pi, ES50, ES7000ES, GL1, UCV200, UCX45Hi, Vistura, ES55, UCV300, XL H1A, ES300V, ES520A, G1000, MV200, UCX2Hi, V400, E2, ES8600, MV20i, ES8000V, MV1, UCV30Hi, UCX55Hi, MV20, ES65, V500, ES410V, ES6500V, G1500, UCV10Hi, UCX40Hi V420, ES420V, UCV20, UC-V30, DM-MV10, ES8200V, MV10i, UCX2, V40, E1, ES8400V, Optura, ES5000, ES7000V, GL2, UCV20Hi, UCX50Hi, G30Hi, ES60, UCX50, XL H1S, ES4000,

CANON UCX40Hi Camcorder ChargerBattery Charger suitable for CANON UCX40Hi Input: 110V - 240V